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Humberts trailblazes a new era for the property market.

Humberts Since 1842

Humberts is still very much a leading player in the market and is stronger than ever

Matt Spence, CEO

Humberts is at the beginning of an exciting transition phase looking to make the role of the estate agent relevant in today’s everchanging, ever evolving, technology focused world. Humberts is redefining the position of the estate agent to its original meaning as a true agent of the estate, which is the role Charles Humbert played when he founded Humberts in 1842.

With a vision to become the champion of the rural economy, Humberts is focusing its strategy on the highly coveted chocolate box towns and locations in rural Britain, that people flock to both live and holiday in.

In practical terms this means Humberts will be able to offer more services to their clients helping cater to their needs beyond just the sale of their property. Additionally, Humberts now has the wider support of an integrated network through its acquiring company, Natural Retreats, which offers luxury accommodation in cottages and homes across the UK, in some of the most picturesque destinations.

With Humberts’ 175-year brand heritage and presence across predominantly (but not exclusively) rural UK, the two brands will continue to build a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship offering a completely different approach from any other estate agent on the market. At the same time, it is building Humberts offering and presence in the market from strength to strength.

Humberts will become a full service fully integrated agency offering transactional services as well as complete management services. With a property being the most important and significant lifestyle asset in a person’s life, Humberts will also be setting up a high tech, high touch approach lifestyle and home services division.  Home owners will be able to use Humberts to manage both their homes and their lifestyles, an aspect which is crucial for remaining pertinent in todays fast paced, tech focused landscape.

The new CEO of Humbert’s and existing Natural Retreats CEO, Matt Spence says “Sometimes it takes a person outside of the industry in question to spin it on its head. Humberts is revolutionising the property market by being relevant to its customers, in an industry which has been slow to react to the fast paced, technologically focused world we now live in. We have many exciting updates to report in the coming months and look forward to sharing them in due course. For now, Humberts is still very much a leading player in the market and is stronger than ever.”



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Tim’s career in Estate Agency began in 1990 and with Humberts since 1999. Tim is a local man with considerable experience of the Somerset and Dorset property markets and has managed the Yeovil office for over 10 years.

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