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The Attraction of Water

The Attraction of Water - Humberts.com

Spending time close to water is a popular pastime in the UK.

Michael Cornish - Head of Waterfront & Coastal

The popularity of the UK’s coastline is reflected in both tourism statistics and geographical concentrations of second homes. 

Attraction of Water - Humberts.com

Of the 20 local authorities with the highest number of second homeowners per 1,000 residents, all but five have a coastline (Census 2011). Of the five, two are in central London and the others have National Parks or Areas of Outstanding National Beauty within their boundaries, such as the Cotswolds. The fact that water sports paraphernalia, for example windsurfing equipment, feature in the 2016 Consumer Price Inflation ‘Basket of Goods and Services’, is evidence that spending time close to water is a popular pastime in the UK.

Attraction of Water - Humberts.com

The full Humberts Waterside Research Report is available here

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