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Business Rating

An up-to-date valuation could save you thousands of pounds in business rates. Humberts has a team of business ratings specialists who can compare what you are paying with current rental values and local market conditions.

Many clients make contact with Humberts simply for a business rating valuation but through our due diligence, discover the rates they are paying are too high. As one of your largest overheads, it pays to have an accurate rateable value as it ensures you only pay what is necessary and not a penny more.

Using our knowledge for your benefit

We have a team of specialist rating experts who will work on your behalf to ensure you pay the correct level of business rates, using our local commercial experience and working knowledge of the 2017 business rates overhaul.

When to book a valuation

The ‘rateable value’ of your commercial property is set by the Government’s Valuation Office Agency (VOA) and that value is used by local councils to calculate the properties business rate bills. The value of your premises, however, should be reviewed on a regular basis and your rate can be affected if one of the following happens:-

  • you move or make changes to your premises
  • the nature of your business changes
  • you sublet part of your property
  • you merge two or more properties into one

Challenging inaccurate rates on your behalf

Your rate could also be affected if your premises or trading is being affected by local disruptions, such as flooding, building works, and roadworks. If any of the above affects your business, get in touch as a rate reduction is a distinct possibility and can lead to a substantial discount.

If you have any reason to suspect your business rates are too high, or would like advice on a re-evaluation, Humberts can explore your current business set up and take into account local factors in order to provide accurate valuation advice.

If your case is strong enough, we will build a compelling rating appeal. This will led by our specialist team, who have a proven track record in this area. All our Chartered Surveyors are well versed with the ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal’ system that was introduced in 2017, and we will professionally take charge of the challenge from start to finish. If necessary, we will mount an appeal on your behalf, via the valuation tribunal.

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