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Should you list your property in Winter?

I am often asked “is it a good time to come to the market now or should I wait until the new year?”. This question comes around annually as we move from the late autumn sunshine towards the colder feel of winter but the answer to this question is perhaps more relevant in the current market conditions than in previous years. To my mind, it would be a mistake to wait longer and the onset of winter is nothing to be worried about.

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The market in 2019 is going to be no more certain or predictable than it has been this year, with the major influences upon the current market likely to remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. Why take the risk of the market becoming influenced by increasing political uncertainty (as if we don’t have enough of that already)? Why wait until other properties come to the market, therefore giving greater competition on the market? Why miss out on some of the highest levels of internet property search activity in the year?

Let’s be honest, the market at this moment is pretty static with prices not likely to change dramatically in the short term. Buyers have no reason to wait until the new year to buy and with the relative lack of choice available on the market, they will still react well to the right property for them coming to the market at this time.

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A number of people who want to sell will be waiting for the spring market, mostly on the presumption that properties look better in the spring and so will have a better chance of selling. In all my years of experience, the market does not suddenly improve with the appearance of the daffodils and so this presumption is rarely born out in reality. I would always advise people to come to the market sooner rather than later and make sure their property is made available to prospective buyers before the competition increases and therefore the impact of the launch to the market is diluted.

I would also recommend considering the quality of the buyers that are active in the market at any one time. At any one time there are a pool of prospective buyers looking to find their next property and this does not change in the winter months. If anything, the quality of buyers looking to make a move is likely to be higher as anyone who is only casually house hunting is unlikely to be out and about in the colder, darker months. Do also bear in mind that showing your home in winter gives the opportunity to get the fire lit, the lighting perfect and make your home warm and welcoming. Winter viewings often show houses off to great effect.

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