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Humberts looks to the future with the launch of new Humberts Hubs

Humberts looks to the future with the launch of new Humberts Hubs. In a further step towards making the role of the estate agent relevant to today’s consumer, Humberts current high street offices will be centralised to a series of new high tech central hubs which will service the whole respective county while continuing to remain firmly engaged within the local markets.

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The first hub will be opening in Poundbury, Dorset in late September and will be the trailblazer for what is to come nationwide, redefining industry standards and introducing a new level of service offering within the estate agent industry. As Humberts’ model moves towards becoming full service agents, it will take on responsibility for managing both their customers’ homes and lifestyles from the Hubs.

The role of the Property Consultant will be the heart of the Hub. With consolidating the office space, it means Humberts can expand its expertise across each respective county by employing more Property Consultants ‘in the field’ and specialising in entire counties, rather than just small pockets. Clients will have a Property Consultant within a close radius as well as access to a premium first class club lounge style Hub, where they can expect a dynamic open plan office, hot desks and lifestyle concierges.

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The Humberts Hub is the first step on a new journey for the company as they make themselves relevant in an industry that is in need of disrupting. Humberts is catering to the needs of their clients beyond just the sale of their property with the Property Consultant being there every step of the way, facilitating a fully integrated range of transactional and management services.

CEO Matt Spence says “Responding to our consumer’s needs is the driving force of where we are taking Humberts - to make the company relevant to the market today. Our High Tech and High Touch concept is the thread that flows through everything we do and the opening of the new Humberts Hubs is the next step of our journey that we look forward to our customers taking with us.”

Poundbury in Dorchester is a fitting location for Humbert’s first hub. It is a town built on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. Humberts has an existing relationship with the Duke of Cornwall aka Prince Charles, as Humberts famously advised him on the purchase of his family residence, Highgrove House. With an opening date planned for September 2018, the new hub is set to service Dorset and the surrounding area. In quick succession, there will be further openings in Tunbridge Wells, Cirencester, Exeter and Bath.

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