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Should your property be on the market this Christmas?

It is a commonly held school of thought that at this time of year anyone thinking of selling is better off waiting for the spring, but in recent years the internet has completely changed the housing market and the way people buy and sell properties. The web gives 24/7 access to available properties and we now see a huge surge of internet traffic around the festive period, and Rightmove report a 26% uplift in site traffic.

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The decision to move home is often conceived over the festive season when families are together and the first point of research to assess what’s available and what your likely selling price is often the internet. We are seeing an increasing amount of new instructions coming to the market at this time of year, and this has led to a corresponding uplift in the amount of properties that we sell during this time.

To add to the mix, uncertainty over interest/mortgage rates, the effect of Brexit and a number of other factors is concentrating sellers and buyers’ minds, many of whom would prefer to transact now whilst the market is stable. Quite often, clients who are keen to sell instruct us to prepare particulars and quietly market their property ‘off market’ through November and December with a view to launching fully to the market a day or two before Christmas when the potential audience hits its peak.

should your property be on the market this christmas 1should your property be on the market this christmas

We would welcome the opportunity of discussing the above in further detail with you. For more information, or to arrange a valuation, contact your local office today.

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