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Residential Mortgages

With almost every property purchase reliant on a mortgage, we want our customers to access the best financial advice and move forwards with their purchasing plans. That’s why we have chosen selected partners to provide our customers the best financial advice.  

The teams work quickly to qualify a purchaser’s finances and secure a mortgage agreement in principle, so our customers know what they can afford and demonstrate to sellers they are in a position to proceed financially.

Our partners will access the whole mortgage market for your benefit, presenting you with a number of home loans to choose from. Some of these products can’t be found on the High Street - or even on online comparison sites - and when it comes to rates of interest, repayment length and type of product, the suggestions will always be tailored to your personal circumstances.

  • Helping every type of borrower

    Our partners arrange mortgages for a wide range of borrowers. As well as owner-occupiers and property investors, it works with those borrowing in a company name or in a trust, purchasers looking to acquire commercial premises and those borrowing for redevelopment or build purposes.

    We have introduced thousands of first-time buyers, second-steppers, downsizers, property investors, holiday-home owners, people wishing to free equity and those remortgaging.

  • Unusual circumstances or properties? No problem

    Not every mortgage application is text book and our partners have access to products for those who need more specialist help, including:-

    • buyers with small deposits
    • self-employed or contract workers
    • those who require a loan with terms in excess of 25 years
    • buyers of properties with short leaseholds
    • those purchasing dwellings of non standard construction or in a state of dilapidation
    • purchasers looking for guarantor-style family mortgages
  • Not just mortgages

    As part of our commitment to supporting your entire property journey, we know you may need other finance products in addition to a mortgage. By working closely with our parnters, we can arrange bridging loans and offshore finance, give property protection advice and source related financial products.

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At Humberts we know buying or selling properties can be hard work. That’s why we developed a set of tools to help with the heavy lifting.

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